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Welcome in the Nick-Lab

Molecular Cell Biology (Prof. Dr. Peter Nick)

Fritz-Haber-Weg, Gbd. 30.43 (Biology Tower), 5. floor. e-mail. How to find us



What is New? Wild Grapes Save Viticulture from Climate Change?

The hot and dry summers make also our grapes progressively break down in the flower of their productivity. In a combination of molecular, metabolic, histochemical, and Cryo Scanning Electron Microscopical methods we can now undrstand, how some wild grapes can defend themselves against this disease. This knowledge can help, to safeguard grapes, but also city trees against the impact of climate change. Our work was published in the high-ranking journal New Phytologist. more...


Press release of the KIT

What is New? We Help Rice to Cope with Climate Change. Our Work in looKIT

Since almost 30 years we have done research on the plant hormone jasmonic acid, a kind of plant adrenalin. Our target was Rice, the most important staple crop on our planet. If we fail to render Rice more tolerant against drought, salt and heat stress, we will not be able to secure the achievements of Green Revolution. We discovered that rice mutants that are not able to form jasmonic acid, can cope better with some of these stresse. Our goal: Rice that keeps "cool" under stress. more...

What our research is about

Life is not easy. There are two ways to cope – animals run away, plants adapt. We want to understand, how. The key are plant cells, since they mediate shape, adaptation and the enormous diversity of plants.




Evolution solves problems. Can we make use of this? more... Amaranth as functional food (EU-CORNET, 2020-2022). more...
Plants are masters of adaptation. How do they overcome stress? more.. Ecosystem on chip for sustainable plant protection (Interreg Science Offensive, 2019-2022). more...
Plant cells can self organise. How does this work? more... Cold resistance of strawberries (BMBF, 2018-2020)