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European Plant Cytoskeletal Club, 19.-20.06.2017 in Karlsruhe (Fasananschlössle). Topic From Molecules to Shape. more...



At the State Institute of Viticulture 11 research institutions from Germany, France, and Switzerland have founded the research network VITIFUTUR, funded by Interreg Upper Rhine.


Public tour Sun, 14.05.2017 on mysterious plant names. Dr. Max Seyfried. more...


Life is not easy. There are two ways to cope with that – animals run away, plants adapt. We want to understand, how. Our key are plant cells, because they mediate shape, adaptation to stress and the enormous diversity of plants.
Evolution solves the problems of life in many ways. Can we exploit this? more... Achilles' Heel

Heal Downy Mildew with TCM extracts? more...


Prof. Dr. Peter Nick

Molecular Cell Biology    +49 721 608 42142 (Secretary) peter nickQkv2∂kit edu

Plants are survival experts. How can they discriminate different stress factors? more... Electric Switch for Stress

Nanosecond current controls microalgae. more...

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Each single plant cell can generate an organism. We cannot do that. Why? more...  Metabolic LEGO

How to make plant cells work in teams. more...

Teaching Innovation Protoplasma

for the first time, Teaching Award of the State of Baden Württemberger went to Karlsruhe. press release

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Molecular authentication of plants and their products, fluorescent marker cell lines, electron microscopy, microfluidic biofermenter for plant cell fermentation


The cell biology journal with the longest tradition is edited by us.more...