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Botanische Gartentradition in Karlsruhe

Ort: Zukunftsraum, Rintheimer Straße 46, 76131 Karlsruhe (Oststadt)
Termin: Mittwoch, 31.Okt.2018, 19:00 Uhr
Eintritt: frei
Referent: Josef Franz, Freunde und Förderer des Botanischen Gartens des KIT e.V. mehr...

Botanical Garden of the KIT

Am Fasanengarten 2 D-76131 Karlsruhe Tel 0721 608-42145

e-mail So finden Sie uns

open Mon-Fr 8-16, Sun 10-16 (October - March 8-15, Sun 10-14 Uhr

no entrance fee!

  • outside South: Sorghum as bioeconomy crop (image) . Water Melon . Hop .
  • attic: Exhibition Medicinal Plants . . Orchid Vanda .
  • palm house: Titan Leaf . Strelitzia . Wollemy Pine .
  • tropical house:  Cocoa . Snake Beard flowers . Tamarind .
  • waterlily house: Giant Waterlily Victoria . Giant Maracuja fruit . Papyros .
  • subtropical house North: Sanseviria flowers . Lantern Flower flowers . Adenia globosa .
  • subtropical house South: Dragon Fruit . Fat Wort flowers . Living Stones .
  • outside North: Monk Pepper fruiting . Milk Orange . Chinese Redwood .
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New programme as pdf here... Wednesday (!), 21. November 2018, 13:15-14:30. Prof. Dr. Peter Nick: Flower Sex. more... A new project of research-oriented teaching in the Botanical Garden.more...




Welcome in the Botanical Garden of the KIT!

Our garden is public and freely accessible. We are glad about all that come and are interested in the world of plants.

Our tasks are diverse:

  •   Research 
  •   Teaching
  •   Conservation 
  •   Using Biodiversity

In public excursions, topical paths, posters and these pags we inform the public about our work. Our garden team is happy to answer your questions and we are glad, when you make use of our offers! The Association of Friends and Supporters of the Botanical Garden of the KIT supports us in our public work and also organises the publica tours.



Guided Tours



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