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Botanical Garden of the KIT
Am Fasanengarten 2
D-76131 Karlsruhe
Tel.: +49 721 608 - 42145
How to find us
Opening hours

April-September: Mo-Fr 8-16, Sun & holidays 10-16

October-March: Mo-Fr 8-15, Sun & holidays 10-14

What to see?
  • water lily house: Calotropis flowers (image). Luffa flowers . Papaya fruits .
  • subtropical house North: Bread Palm Fern . Begonia peltata flowers .
  • subtropica house South: Sarracenia flowers . Tamarillo matures .
  • outside North: Pseudohazel. Akebia flowers . Camelia flowers .
  • outside South: Wild Figs . Euphorbia flowers .
  • attic: Giant Aristolochia flowers . Pitcher Plants .
  • palm house: . Fossile Flora . Wollemy Pine .
  • tropical house:  Coconut . -Tree . Heliconia flowers .


Venus Bellybutton
Venus Bellybutton & Co

Dr. Max Seyfried, Sun May 14, 2017, 11:15-12:30. more...

Stinking Beauty

in our subtropical house, Amorphophallus rivieri has opened its giant flower.


Welcome in the Botanical Garden of the KIT!

Our garden is public and freely accessible. We are glad about all that come and are interested in the world of plants.

Our tasks are diverse:

  •   Research 
  •   Teaching
  •   Conservation 
  •   Using Biodiversity

In public excursions, topical paths, posters and these pags we inform the public about our work. Our garden team is happy to answer your questions and we are glad, when you make use of our offers!



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