Plant Evolution - Lectures

The lectures gives the theoretical background for everybody, Bachelor and Master students alike and provides the base for the written examination at the end.

Note: The lecture slides can be found on Ilias (log in with your KIT credentials, if you are outside the KIT, make sure that you are linked through vpn). Path: Fakultät für Chemie und Biowissenschaften - current semester - BIO_MA_FOR_1201_Plant_Evolution)




Thema  Materialien
Mo, 12.04.2021 10:15-11:30 1. Concepts About Evolution here
Di, 13.04.2021 10:15-11:30 2. Mechanisms: Variation and Selection here
Mi, 14.04.2021 10:15-11:30 3. Mechanisms: Speciation and Coevolution here
Do, 15.04.2021 09:15-10:30 4. Macroevolution and EvoDevo here
Fr, 16.04.2021 10:15-11:30 5. Key Points of Plant Evolution here
Mo, 19.04.2021  10:15-11:30 6. Molecular Phylogeny here
Di, 20.04.2021 10:15-11:30 7. Coevolution of Plants with Pathogens here
Mi, 21.04.2021 10:15-11:30 8. Coevolution of Plants with Humans here