obtained their Ph.D. in our group

Science lives in steady state - continuously new people join and leave the lab after some years. Where have they gone?



Name Promotion Thema wo gelandet e-mail mehr
Dr. Freudenreich, Andreas 1996 MAPs und Myosine Vancouver, Atimi software e-mail hier
Dr. Himmelspach, Regina 2000 Reorientierung Mikrotubuli Wasteney lab, Vancouver   hier
PD. Dr. Waller, Frank 2000 Auxin-Response-Faktor Reis

Universität Würzburg

e-mail hier
Dr. Ahad, Abdul 2000 Calcium Reporter Lines

MediJean Vancouver

e-mail hier
Dr. Chaban, Christina 2002 Phytochrom, Auxin in Reis Universität Tübingen e-mail hier
Dr. Sandu, Cristinel 2002 Nicotinabbau und Mikrotubuli Firmenich Com, New York   hier      
Dr. Campanoni, Prisca 2003 Auxin und Zellteilungsmuster Philipp Morris, CH  


Dr. Holweg, Carola 2004 Pflanzenmyosine Freiburg e-mail hier
Dr. Kamruzzahan, Sultana 2004 Molecular evolution of a glacial relict - Green Alder

MediJean Vancouver

e-mail hier
Dr. Wang, Qiyan 2004 Rice Cytoskeleton FiBL Frick e-mail hier
Dr. Maisch, Jan 2007 Actin, Auxin, Pattern Formation Biological Safety, KIT e-mail  
Dr. Ouko, Maurice 2008 Microtubules and Viral Movement      
Dr. Neumann, Marianne 2008 Cytoskelett bei Moosen Karlsruhe    
Dr. Qiao, Fei 2010 Cytoskeleton and Defence CAS, Hainan e-mail more
Dr. Eggenberger, Kai 2010 Nano meets Bio Schwabe, Durlach e-mail hier
Dr. Schröder, Stephan 2010 Falscher Mehltau der Weinrebe University of Georgia e-mail hier
Dr. Frey, Nicole 2010 Wrong-Way Kinesin BASF Limburgerhof e-mail  
Dr. Zimmermann (geb. Jovanovic), Aleksandra 2011 Detyrosinierung Tubulin Raum Karlsruhe    
Dr. Chang, Xiaoli 2012 Signalwege Immunität Weinrebe Szetchuan Agricultural University e-mail hier
Dr. Durst, Steffen 2012 Actin, Auxin, Pflanzenmuster Techpharm Bruchsal steffendurst∂gmx.de hier


Klotz, Jan 2012 KCH-Kinesine Techpharm Bruchsal JanKlotz∂gmx.net  
Dr. Guan, Xin 2013 Cytoskelett und Abwehr bei Wein South West University, Chongjing xinguan.cnde∂googlemail.com hier
Dr. Ismail, Ahmed 2013 Jasmonat Wein Damanhour University ahmedaalkarim∂gmail.com hier
Dr. Grimm, Annabelle 2014 Molecular Evolution of Weedy Rice EMBL Technology Transfer, Heidelberg e-mail hier
Dr. Kühn, Sebastian 2014 KCH-Kinesine und Signalverarbeitung Holle Babyfood CH sebi.kuehn∂web.de hier
Dr. Liu, Qiong 2014 Cytoskeleton and Mechanosensing   e-mail  
Dr. Horn, Thomas 2014 Molecular Authentication of Medicinal Plants   e-mail  
Dr. Gao, Ningning 2014 Antimicrobial Peptide from Ginkgo   e-mail  
Dr. Hazman, Mohamed 2014 Jasmonate and Salt Tolerance in Rice AGERI, Gizeh e-mail hier
Dr. Brendel, Rita 2015  Light and Wound Response in Rice    e-mail   
Dr. Schneider, Natalie  2015  Plant Tubulin Detyrosination   e-mail   
Dr. Duan, Dong 2015 Stilbenes in Vitis sylvestris Xian University e-mail  
Dr. Tröster, Viktoria 2016 Cell Biology of Plasmopara viticola      
Dr. Dhakarey, Rohit 2016 Drought Stress Proteome in Rice Lab Rachel Amir, Migal, Israel e-mail        
Dr. Akaberi, Sahar 2016 Hydroperoxylyase bei der Weinrebe KIT-IHM e-mail here      
Dr. Tisch, Christine 2017 Black Rot of Grapevine DLR Neustadt e-mail  
Dr. Bai, Fan 2017 Electromanipulation of Microalgae   e-mail  
Dr. Gong, Peijie 2017 Metacaspases in Grapevine   e-mail  
Dr. Wang, Lixin 2017 Mikrotubuli als Thermometer   e-mail        
Dr. Xu, Xiaolu 2017 Ein Kinesin, das in den Kern wandert   e-mail