Ph.D. students

Our Ph.D. students come from all over the planet - internationality and interculturality are thus our everyday experience. We think that it is important that everybody learns already at an early stage to take responsibility for the entire system - from active supervision of students over the organisation of lab duties till proposing new ideas or critical questions. We request and support independence, sensibility for conflicts of interest, and the search for pragmatic compromise. Who has passed the usually four years of a Ph.D., has understood that science is more than successful experimentation - science is also a social project that connects people, beyond the delineations of language, culture, or religion.


Asfaw, Kinfemichael   Bai, Fan Brochhausen, Linda Ge, Xinshuang
Cellular Biotechnology   Cellular Biotechnology Cellular Biotechnology Applied Biodiversity / Plant Stress
Chemical Engineering with Peptoids   Bioelectrics in Microalgae Nuclear Migration and Polarity Surface Waxes in Grapevine
Gong, Peijie Guan, Pingyin Huang, Xiang Islam, Khattab Kodackattumannil, Preshoba P.
Plant Stress Plant Stress Cellular Biotechnology Platn Stress Plant Stress
Metacaspases in Grapevine Effectors in Grapevine Auxin, Actin,Polarity Grapevine Trunk Disease Salt Stress in Rice
Liang, Ye Ma, Junning Manz, Christina Rios, Daniela Sarheed, Mohamed
Cellular Biotechnology Plant Stress Cellular Biotechnology Applied Biodiversity Applied Biodiversity
Chemical Engineering with Peptoids Fungal Pathogens in Rice Cell Biology of Secondary Metabolism Eugenol-Methylase in Basil Bioactive Components in Mentha
Scherer, Daniel Singh, Pallavi Sofi, Karwan Svyatyna, Kata Tang, Gangliang
IHM, Plant Bioelectrics Plant Stress Plant Stress Plant Stress Plant Stress
nsPEFs in Algenbiotechnologie Cold Stress in Rice Chitin Signalling in Grape Hormone-Conjugating Enzymes Jasmonate Signature of Stress
Wang, Hao Wang, Ruipu Wetters, Sascha Zhang, Kunxi Zhu, Xin
Plant Stress Plant Stress Applied Biodiversity Plant Stress Plant Stress
Actin and Defence in Grapevine UV-Priming EvoDevo of Speciation Microtubules and Abiotic Stress in Rice Signalling for PCD