Want a look over the rim?

Education is more than just professionality, such as art is more than just handicraft (while both, professionality and handicraft are absolutely essential!). To get educated, you need to look over the rim and face ideas, concepts and discussions from other sciences. When this succeeds, something new emerges that is enriching for everyone. By our Forum for Critical Interdisciplinarity we try to open this experience for you. Each semester, there is a different topic, mostly of impact on society, often controversial - critical thinking is welcome! Per semester we have 3-4 high-ranking talks with discussion, who wants to delve in more deeply, can attend the accompanying preparatory and digestive sessions. more...

You want to work with us on a project?

Sure, any time - no matter whether a Bachelor thesis in General or Applied Biology, a Project Module in the Master Biology, Specialisation Project in Chemical Biology, Master thesis in Biology, Chemical Biology or Food Chemistry, a practical in frame of EUCOR, or individual initiative. We will try to help you.

In our labs, people from different countries, cultures, and stages of their scientific path work together. This works out quite well, because we have agreed upon a set of rules and values. Paraphrasing Kant's Categorical Imperative: Act always such that the lab would be a good place, if everybody acted like you. . What this means in real life and what you have to keep in mind, when you come to us, you find here...



Note: Teaching in the KIT Biology is usually in German (refer to the German version of this page for details).

We offer, however, a few courses in English:

  • Plant Cell Biologiy - Methods and Concepts
  • Plant Evolution - Methods and Concepts
  • Project Modules (individual research projects)