Cellular Biotechnology



What is the topic?

Each individual plant cell can generate an entire organism. Our cells can't do that. Central is a kind of internal direction innate to each cell, based on the cytoskeleton. This direction is continuously adjusted, because the cytoskeleton aligns depending on chemical oscillations coming from the neighbouring cells. How is this direction generated? Why is it continuously "questioned"? How can single cells organise into a larger entity? How can a single cell sense its own integrity? Can we develop "Chemical Trojans" to manipulate plant cells without violating their integrity? Can we mimick an „artificial plant tissue“ to generatemedically interesting plant compounds?


Cells generate Organisms

Integrity sensing

Trojans for plant cells

Microfluidic Biofermenter

A chemical oscillation of the plant hormone auxin and the "cellular muscle" actin is the core of plant self organisation. We investigate, how cells "explores" space and use the cytoskeleton for orientation. more... Integrity sensing is based upon signals between membrane and cytoskeleton. New methods such as chemical engineering or nanosecond electrics allow to manipulate this signal flow. more... To manipulate cells in space and time in a tailored manner, we need new tools. With chemists we work at “Cellular Trojans” that allow to control plant cells. more... Plants generate a numerous medically interesting compounds. They do this in teams of different cell types. By a microfluidic chip we try to technically mimick a plant tissue to develop novel biotechnological applications by “chemical LEGO” . more...