Applied Biodiversity

What is the topic?

When humans domesticated plants, they selected for high yield. Other traits that allow wild plants to cope with their environment, were lost (see Plant Stress). The group Applied Biodiversity attempts to understand these traits and to render them accessible for sustainable agriculture. Our second focus is on new strategies to authenticate plants or plant products as contribution for more consumer safety in times of globalisation. Using new methods we touch the limits of the plant species concept. A new field considers the interaction between crop plants and pests as communication process and develops on this base novel paths for sustainable plant protection. For our work, genetic resources of the Botanical Garden, such as our WEL-Gene Bank or our Wild Grape Collection provide important tools. Here, protection of biodiversity merges with its valorisation.





Evolution for Vineyards

Globalisation - Consumers

Species Concept for Plants

Signals, not Poisons

First conservation, then genetic resource for breeding. more... Superfood & Co are often faked. Using gene markers, we work for consumer protection. more... What is a species? A process, rather than an object? We explore this. more... Co-evolution is based on com-munication. This leads to new concepts for plant protection. more...