What we do

Welcome in the Nick-Lab

Molecular Cell Biology

(Prof. Dr. Peter Nick)

Fritz-Haber-Weg, Bld. 30.43 (Biology Tower), 5. floor. e-mail. How to find us



The Cell Biology journal with the longest tradition (Springer-Nature), edited by us. more...


What is New in the Institute?

Plants in the ZKM


In the series Terrestrial University the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM) broadcasted an interdisciplinary discussion with the artist Uriel Orlow (Lisbon), the architect Lili Carr (Amsterdam) and the plant scientist Peter Nick (KIT). Under the title Every Plant has a Story (to tell) on several layers the relationship between plants and humans was discussed. more...


The State Teaching Award 2015 was given to Peter Nick and Mathias Gutmann. The money was used to found the Forum. Beyond faculties and disciplines, we debate here on controversial topics. After the Corona break we will go on with the topic climate. more...  

What is New in Research?

Electronic Noses for Mint Scent.

In an interdisciplinary cooperation between Botany, the Institute for Light Technology and the Institute for Functional Interfaces, we succeeded to develop an electrical nose to discriminate different Mints based on their scent. This not only allows to disguise adulterations, but also to understand chemical evolution. more...



What our research is about

Life is not easy. There are two ways to cope – animals run away, plants adapt. We want to understand, how. The key are plant cells, since they mediate shape, adaptation and the enormous diversity of plants.




Evolution solves problems in a sustainable, highly diverse manner. Can we valorise this diversity? We work to protect and use diversity. We develop methods, to safeguard consumer protections in times of globalisation. more... Amaranth, the Superfood of the Inka, as functional food. Wir try to raise the content of Omega-3-Fatty Acids, to develop a vegan alternative for sea fish (EU-CORNET, 2020-2022) together with the University of Hohenheim and partners from Peru. more...
Plants are masters of adaptation. How do they overcome stress? We work on jasmonic acid, the plant "adrenalin", but also about the immune system of grapevine. more.. Ecosystem on chip for sustainable plant protection (Interreg Science Offensive, 2019-2022). more...
Plant cells can self organise. How does this work? more... Cold resistance of strawberries (BMBF, 2018-2020)