Constructs: Actin

For all constructs there are data sheets with details. Aliquots of the constructs can be obtained from Nadja Wunsch.

Which actin-binding molecule? Construct Purpose accession data sheet
tobacco Arp3 NtArp3-Entry GATEWAY entry A001 pdf
  NtArp3-GFP, p2FGW7-ARP3 GFP transient A002 pdf
  NtArp3-RFP, p2RGW7-ARP3  RFP transient A003 pdf
  NtArp3-GFP, pK7WGF2-ARP3 GFP binary A004 pdf
Arabidopsis FABD2 FABD2-Entry GATEWAY entry A005 pdf
  FABD2-GFP, p2FGW7-FABD2 GFP transient A006 pdf
  FABD2-RFP, p2RGW7-FABD2 RFP transient A007 pdf
  FABD2-RFP, pH7WGR2-FABD2 RFP binary A007_01 pdf
  FABD2-GFP, pK7WGF2-FABD2 GFP binary A008 pdf
  FABD2-CFP, pK7WGC2-FABD2 CFP binary A009 pdf
  FABD2-YFP, pK7WGY2-FABD2 YFP binary A010 pdf
  FABD2-GFP, pUC18 GFP transient A011 pdf
  FABD2-GFP, pCAMBIA GFP binary A012 pdf
  FABD2-GFP, source construct FABD2 source construct A013 pdf
mouse Talin CFP-Talin (note 24.01.18 identity not clear, to be checked, might be mixed up with CPRF2-CFP, a transcription factor) CFP transient or binary A014 pdf
  YFP-Talin YFP transient or binary A015 pdf
  CFP-Talin / YFP-MBD double labelling actin-MTs transient or binary A016 pdf