Publicaciones 2022 - Papeles Originales

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Publicaciones 2022 - Revistas y capítulos de libros

[54] Frey W, Nick P (2022) Mehr als Elektroporation – Einsatz von Elektroimpulsen für die Biotechnologie von Mikroalgen. Biospektrum 28, 94-96 - pdf





Publicaciones 2022 - Editorials

Nick P (2022) Integrate and work together — compartments as functional units. Protoplasma 259, 833–834 - pdf

Nick P (2022) Universalistic legacy. Protoplasma 259, 485-486 - pdf

Nick P (2022) Is a genome more than its genes? Protoplasma 259, 233-235 - pdf

Nick P (2022) Aniplant or plantimal? Superorganisms cross borders. Protoplasma 259, 1-2 - pdf