Regular Meetings

Institute Seminars: Mo, 9:30-10:45 - room 506+507

Postdocs, PhD students, Master, Bachelor students report about their projects, followed by discussions. Please find the programme on our webpage (see 2.). Around 3-4 times a year we have a journal club trying to summarize the most recent literature. The content of each journal within this period is summarized by the responsible person.

updated plan of the seminars


Subgroup Meetings:

regular meetings with informal reports on the work progress, trouble shooting, and discussion.

  • Plant Stress Group: We, 10-12 - room 506+507
  • Cell Biology Group: Thu, 10-12 - room 506+507
  • Applied Biodiversity Group: Thu, 10-12 - room 506+507


schedule is sent around to the group members and also found on the calendar.