EUCOR Master Plant Science
Neuer Studiengang Önologie

Binationales Studium am Weincampus Neustadt und an der Université de Haute-Alsace in Colmar/Frankreich mit anschließend zwei Masterabschlüssen (Double Degree M.Sc.).

Biochemie der Rebe und Traube, Wissenschaft des Terroirs, Sensorik, Innovationen in der Oenologie, smart & sustainable viticulture, nachhaltige Unternehmensführung, Konsumentenforschung. Dauer vier Semester. 

Am Donnerstag, 11. März 2021 um 18 Uhr findet eine digitale Infoveranstaltung zum Masterstudiengang statt. mehr...



cool plantsKIT
Project Cool Plants For Hot Cities

At the CNRS-IBMP there is the opportunity to conduct a research project on plants and city climate. The project integrates molecular, physiological and applied aspects. There is also the possibility to get this scored in frame of the EUCOR Master Plant Sciences as part of the Master courses of your home university. more...

EUCOR International Master Plant Science

The EUCOR International Master Plant Science is a joint effort of the five EUCOR universities Strasbourg, Colmar, Basel, Freiburg, and Karlsruhe for students in a biology Master course of the five sites. The EUCOR scheme gives students the opportunity to replace some parts of their home curriculum by courses or projects of the other EUCOR universities, or to conduct their Master thesis outside of their home universities in one of the other EUCOR sites. This will expand the possibilities to build up their own personal profile, to experience internationality and interculturality in a protected framework and to explore the research landscape of the Upper Rhine region.

This site is supposed to help and support students interested in this new opportunity.


How is this website organised?

  • Profile: here you find a short summary of, what the EUCOR International Master Plant Science is about
  • Partners: here you find information, how the Master in each EUCOR site is organised, who is participating, and who is the contact person
  • For students: here you find for each home university, which parts of your home curriculum can be replaced by elements from other EUCOR sites. Here you also will find practical help and information on studying and living in a different EUCOR university.
  • Choice menu: here you find a calendar, where you can see what is offered by the different EUCOR in different times of the year.
  • Module handbook: here you find the updated version of the module handbook with details on courses, rating, time, and content.



  • 24.04.2020 (Freiburg): First EUCOR TREE Symposium in Freiburg (Lecture Hall and Cafeteria Institute Biology I, Hauptstrasse 1, Freiburg). POSTPONED TO 16.10.2020 DUE TO CORONA
  • 28.11.2019 (Colmar): TREE Workshop. UHA opens a new module on Agroecology (16.-20.03.2020) more...
  • 25.06.2019 (Basel): TREE Workshop concludes with a white paper. English version . version Francaise .
  • 16.05.2019 (Strasbourg): Special Plant master Day.
  • 23.03.2019 (Strasbourg): OPEN DOORS. for all kind of Masters in life sciences, including in Plant Sciences.