The Botanical Garden of the KIT

Update: Unfortunately, the second lockdown since 02.11.2020 forced us to close again for the public.Take care, stay healthy!

April-September Mo-Fr 8-16, So 10-16, October-March Mo-Fr 8-15, So 10-14, entrance free!



Lyrics and Botany (Pedagogic University and Botanical Garden) published as model project. more...

Virtual Excursions through the Garden - our colleague Dipl. Biol. Maren Riemann has developed another innovative format that allows you to stroll even in Corona times through the garden. Just press the marks and you will learn something about the respective plant. more...

Garden in the web. As alternative for a real-world visit, we have developed a few online-offers for you:


And here you can reach the PAGES OF THE GARDEN ASSOCIATIONS.

Plant of the Month

May: The Living Stones (Lithops) live in the deserts of South Africa and imitate stones. This way they escape the fate to be discovered and devoured by hungry animals. Who likes chewing stones? Once a year they form a yellow flower and disguise themselves. more...

What to see?

palm house: Tree of the Traveller (image) . tropical house:

Calliandra flowers . waterlily house:


couple in flower . subtropical house: flower and "scent" . Lemon Myrtle .

outside: Milk Orange . .

entrance: Giant Pipevine




Faszination Pflanze

Pflanzen sind voller Geheimnisse und helfen uns, die Welt mit neuen Augen zu sehen. Überraschende Blickwinkel auf den Flickr-Seiten von Maren Riemann.