The Botanical Garden of the KIT

Update: since 10.06., also the greenhouses have re-opened. But you have to wear masks.

April-September Mo-Fr 8-16, So 10-16, October-March Mo-Fr 8-15, So 10-14, entrance free!




Orchestra of Change. The planning for the Day of the Open Monument (September 12, 2021) have already started. We will highlight the topic of the day ("Be or Appear") from a plant perspective. Plants are seemingly innocent, but they are masters of illusoin and manipulation! Also in preparation is a common project with the Orchestra of Change that pursues sustainability in musics. Thus, it will be an exciting autumn. Since we still have to keep the hygienic rules, only after Registration. Guided Tours at 11, 13 und 15 Uhr. In parallel performances of the orchestra.

Virtual Garden. We have developed during the Corona time several virtual offers that are still available:


And here you can reach the PAGES OF THE GARDEN ASSOCIATIONS.

Plant of the Month

August: In the Tropical House, the stem-born florets of our Cocoa Tree have turned into mature fruits. Differently from other trees, they do not hang from twigs, but stand out immediately from the stem. That is, how the primordial form of chocolate looks like. The Aztecs prepared from this fruit they called Kokoatl a stimulating beverage that was usually spiced with crushed chile and vanilla. The alkaloid acts in a way that is similar to that of coffein and, in fact, it is possible to become addicted to Cocoa. The addictive potential of chocolate is, however, mainly caused by the sugar. Unfortunately, we need to secure the fruits by a mesh, because egoistic fellow humans have repeatedly stolen unsecured fruits. more...

What to see?

Waterlily House: Mimosa flowering (image). 

Succulent House: Astrophyllum (Cacti) flowers . flower .

outside: King's Fern . Thorn Apple fruit . Clover Fern . Lotus flowers .

entrance: Giant Pipevine flowers . Palm House: Black Ginger flowers .

Tropical House: Cocoa fruits.





Faszination Pflanze

Pflanzen sind voller Geheimnisse und helfen uns, die Welt mit neuen Augen zu sehen. Überraschende Blickwinkel auf den Flickr-Seiten von Maren Riemann.