Natalia Requena

First PffF scientific meeting (May 2022)

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Scientific program

Holger Puchta (KIT, Botanical Institute) 

From gene editing to chromosome and tissue engineering in plants

Peter Nick (KIT, Botanical Institute)

How to prepare viticulture for climate change – resilience genes from a Crop Wild Ancestor

Sandra Schmöckel (U. Hohenheim, Physiol. Yield Stability) 

                     Quinoa – an orphan crop with future perspectives

Reinhard Fischer (KIT, Institute for Applied Biosciences)

                        How fungi and nematodes smell each other

Jörg Kämper (KIT, Institute for Applied Biosciences)

                        Sugar acquisition and regulatory circuits during infection of the smut fungus Ustilago maydis

Anne-Kristin Kaster (KIT, Institute for Biological Interfaces) 

                        Microbes for future

Katharina Scherf (KIT, Institute for Applied Biosciences)

                        Plants proteomics to study quality and nutritional value

Glykeria Duelli (KIT, Institute for Technical Chemistry)

About the thermodynamics of phosphorus in complex multicomponent chemical systems

Mirko Bunzel (KIT, Institute for Applied Biosciences)

Analytical tools for structure elucidation of plant cell wall polymers

Andreas Schaller (U. Hohenheim, Plant Physiol. Biochemistry) 

                    Biogenesis of peptide signals for plant reproductive development

Diana Bunzel- Sabine Kulling (Max Rubner Institute, Karlsruhe)

Metabolomics as one tool for evaluating substantial equivalence of genetically modified plant foods

Michael Riemann (KIT, Botanical Institute)

                        Jasmonate – a versatile phytohormone and its function in rice

Uwe Ludewig (U. Hohenheim, Institute for Crop Sciences)

                        Aspects of crop nutrition and protection

Natalia Requena (KIT, Botanical Institute)

Facing agricultural challenges with microbes and plant gene editing    

Plants fit for Future

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