KSOP Optics and Vision in Biology

  • Typ: Vorlesung (V)
  • Lehrstuhl: Fakultät für Chemie und Biowissenschafte
  • Semester: WS 13/14
  • Dozent: Prof.Dr. Martin Bastmeyer
    Dr. Franco Weth
  • LVNr.: 7290

KSOP Vorlesung

Optics and Vision in Biology KSOP Elective Course in Research Area III (Biomedical Photonics)

Regular Date: Every Wednesday, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm th
First Meeting: Nov 13 , 2013

Location: Zoological Institute, Karlsruhe, Haid-und-Neustraße 9 (MRI) Seminar Room 2O1 025
Nov 13th, 2013 M. Bachmann/ M. Weschenfelder The vertebrate eye th Nov 20th , 2013 Dr. J. Bentrop The compound eye
Nov 27 rd, 2013 Dr. J. Bentrop Phototransduction
Dec 4th, 2013 Prof. Dr. M. Bastmeyer Central visual pathways
Dec 11th , 2013 Dr. F. Weth Visual perception
Jan 15th, 2014 Prof. Dr. R. Fischer Fungal vision
Jan 22nd, 2014 Prof. Dr. N. Foulkes Circadian rhythms
Jan 29th, 2014 Dr. F. Weth Optogenetics
Feb 5th, 2014 Prof. Dr. T. Lamparter Photosynthesis. Pymol structures of PSI and PS2, open with Pymol (free for education) , then press F1 F2 ... (files have 6-12 Mbyte)
Feb 12th, 2014 Prof. Dr. T. Lamparter Plant phytochromes