Institut für Botanik - Allgemeine Botanik (T. Lamparter)



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Clone regulations, -80 °C lists




What do do with new clone:

1) sequence must be checked by GATC

2) make glycerole stock culture for storage in - 80° (via liquid nitrogen shock freeze)

3) note coordinates of the position

4) enter coordinates in the form below

5) print out Word document below and fill it out, hand it over to Tilman Lamparter (required for official regulations)

6) reconstruct the complete sequence of the clone in the computer (clone sequence or map) by using Gentle, Ape, SnapGene, text editor (fasta, DNA, text gb format)

7) hand over sequence to Nadja Wunsch and / or Tilman Lamparter


The coordinates of proteins that are stored in -80° must also be entered below ("enter box").


Enter clone

Enter box

Word form sheet for printing (must be filled out for every clone)


minus80 list of 2013
List of Clones Nov. 2014

Excel files with all -80 entries (clones and boxes) JULY 2015

New Excel file May 2016

(for updated lists please ask Nadja Wunsch or Tilman Lamparter)


lab da core to make reservations (possibly out of order)