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Microalgen Seminar 2017 2018

Für Bachelor und Master Studierende der Biologie und Angewandten Biologie sowie Mitarbeiter aller interessierten Fachrichtungen

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Research on microalgae is increasing. Interest in these photosynthetic organisms is driven by their possible economic use. Microalgae can achieve higher production rates per area than crop plants and can be used for hydrogen, ethanol or lipid production. In this seminar, participants will report about chapters of the book "The Physiology of Microalgae". In this way we will broaden our basic knowledge on the live of microalgae. In the discussion groups, the participants will speak about the previous presentations.

The Physiology of Microalgae (2016) by Borowitzka, Beardall, Raven DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-24945-2

Oct 18, 2017 8:30 - 9:30 Introduction

Oct. 25, Microalgae: a heterogenous group of photosynthetic organisms, by Tilman Lamparter
Nov. 8, Bioreactors for microalgae, by Ioanna Jakob
Nov. 15, Photosynthesis and light harvesting
Nov. 22, Carbon Acquisition, Calcification
Nov. 29, Discussion groups  
Dec. 6, Hydrogen production and Nitrogenase in cyanobacteria
Dec. 13, Combined Nitrogen
Dec. 20, Phosphorous Physiology


Jan. 10, Discussion groups
Jan. 17,  Sulphur and Iron
Jan. 24, Silicification
Jan. 31, Lipids and carotenoids
Feb. 7,  Global Change, Micronutrients
Thu. 8,  Discussion groups

The seminar will be in English (German is possible), depending on the participants.

For certificate (Schein): regular participation, i.e. 2 seminars or less missing, please notify in advance if you cannot come

Presentation about book chapter

Participate in discussion groups


Other scientists who are interested in the seminar are welcome. 

 Please send an e-mail to: tilman.lamparter @